Translations of blogs, tweets, songs, etc by and about Visual-Kei band AND Eccentric Agent. Speak Japanese? Feel free to submit any translated material and I will post to your credit. Please. I'm begging you. This is too much for one person.
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If anyone is interested in buying REIGN’s single, please contact me or go to REIGN’s fanpage on facebook. There are fans that would buy it and send it to your home! so please, support them, they really need it!


@fallenfrmgrace06 said: How much is it?

The CD is 13 USD aprox and the shipping depends on the country and the mail service you want (simple is mostly 6 USD aprox).




As most of the fans know , Reign will release a new single on January 25th , so please support the band and buy their single ♡

Besides that , we would like to make a fan project for them
" Welcomd REIGN"
If you can send a letter for each member showing your support ,until January 20th we will make sure they get it !!

We wanna show them how much they are loved by overseas fans !!

Everything is welcome! Letters, drawings, and even small gift. Those 5 amazing guys need all your support now! We’re counting on you. ;)

So please , for more details please go on REIGN support’ page on FB and send a message.  => 

Or in case you don’t have Facebook, just send a mail to



A new lesson with Ikuma-san


Haven’t talked about these guys for awhile. A couple of them came back together into a new band, called REIGN (^this isn’t it).

They haven’t put out any PV’s or singles yet - I wish they would already. ;-; I want to hear how similar/different they are from Eccentric Agent.

No PVs but there’s this:

comments from their members and clips from their first live

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A friend sent me this.  Seems ken-chan is streaming my YouTube channel in Across the Border!


MAD DOG      

Because mission is forever


Ikuma from AND& Eccentric Agent in his Blaze outfit.

This is for nofunnofuture

I hope you like it! \(^▽^)


just a little kaji moment

Hey, Agents

Call me evil, but I wanna take over the Reign tag

Tag any pics, gifs, etc containing Ikuma or Kaji with Reign

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Ikuma gif by istishia

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